What I listened to in 2016

I absolutely adore music but I tend to listen to the same tunes over and over again, so 2016 was the year I decided to explore different bands and singers to see what I liked listening to despite the style or the brand sometimes forced on them.

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Hi everyone, sorry for the gab in posts. I was amazingly busy in November I tried and technically failed NaNoWriMo, university went berserk on the workload, and I redecorated my bedroom. I will explain more in another post.

As everyone knows it is December and with this merry month not only do you get the fun of the Holidays but you also get the delight of Vlogmas. If some of you don’t know Vlogmas is where YouTubers vlog starting from the 1st of the month and finishing on Christmas Day. They share their life, all holiday related stuff, and their thoughts and emotions.

So, I wanted to share my favorite Vlogmas vloggers this year, to share the holiday cheer.

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