This is great help for someone who has trouble starting a art/visual journal 🙂 thank you for putting it up here

The Sprightly Writer

Layer 1 – I always use gesso to prime the pages.

Layer 2 – Artfully arrange and adhere ephemera (scrapbooking papers, ticket stubs, stickers, postcards) with glue.  I used artist’s gel medium to glue the paper down and then spread a layer of medium over the top.

Layer 3 –  I added another light layer of gesso over the papers to mute the colors and because my gel medium has a gloss to it and I wouldn’t be able to write on the paper if it was glossy.


Layer 4 – I selected three watercolor paints and painted a ‘wet on wet’ technique, which is to say, I put water down on the paper and then spread a layer of my chosen watercolor over it.  This helps to create interesting effects as well as soften brush marks.

I also wrote on the post card and added a postage stamp and…

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