University Year Two

I feel much more secure this year in my BA Fine Art course, last year there was little to no structure they just left us to sink or swim.Thankfully I swam, but it could have gone a completely different way as at one point I thought of quitting.
The good thing about last year was it give us time to experiment and work out what we like to do with our art and the concepts that could be behind them. So this year even though it is just the start of my second week I already have a plan of what I will be basing my work on.

Messages in bottles Religious aspects

Looking for help or guidance from the unknown. Ethereal aspect as once writing a problem down seems like it’s fixed as weight is lifted from shoulders

Ghostly images Ethereal aspects

Religious aspects – As faith is kind of invisible it’s there even though you can’t see it so it is a ghost in your life haunting you maybe in negative as well as positive ways.        

Appropriation of faith

For example a white person will say they are Hindu etc and appropriate the religion and most of the time use religious ceremonies and items in the wrong way and it comes across disrespectful not them celebrating that religion/ country etc.  


Large paintings -oil, watercolour Photography

Drawings – charcoal, watercolour pencils, pastel.

Sketchbook filled with drawing ideas

Glass bottles


Calligraphy pens

I have also been going back to the basics by researching art journals, how to do them and start them. As my Sketchbook give me the lowest marks out of four areas last year I want to work on that more.

I have my first tutorial of the year today so hopefully she will like my plan of action, and be able to recommend some things aswell.

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