Haha so true 🙂


All these statements are ones I’ve heard. Once was enough.

1. “Oh, you are a writer! Would I have read anything you wrote?” I have no idea where to start with that answer. How would I know what you read? Am I supposed to ask you that? Or just duck my head and say, “Probably not. I’m not famous.”

images2. “Did you get a huge advance like [big-name celebrity]?” I always want to say, “Well, those of us who write our own books get a much bigger advance.” But I do not.

3.” You didn’t self-publish? You know, if you did, you can control your marketing plan.” I can do all the marketing I want with my publisher, too.

4. “Why would anyone not want to self-publish?” Because I’m not a distributor and my publisher gets my book into stores I didn’t know about.  Better than i could do.


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