The Sacred History by Jonathan Black

I have just started reading ‘The Secret History of the World’ it is extremely interesting.

Philip Carr-Gomm's Weblog

47043_Sacred_History_TPB.inddFor those of us interested in spiritual studies – and I guess that covers most of the readers of this blog – we would all probably agree that we need constant reminding of the great spiritual truths: otherwise one experience, one good book on the subject would be sufficient for a lifetime. For whatever reason, whether it is because life is so tough, so distracting, that we simply keep forgetting, or whether it is because the voices of skepticism are so strident these days, we still need to remind ourselves of the spiritual. After almost fifty years of studying spirituality, I find I still need to read about spiritual ideas, I need to be inspired by mystical poets like Rumi or Rilke, I need to attend events which uplift my soul. It’s as if my soul needs feeding as much as my body – which is why just one meal…

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