My world seems to rapidly become disastrous at the same precise moment.

University this year is harder than I originally thought it would be (considering I thought it would kick me in the ass shows you how hard it actually is). The effect of this has caused me to quit my job volunteering at a local gallery; a job I enjoyed and  where I felt I was finally making connections.

At the same time I am becoming really knick- picky over small stuff my flatmate and close friend does around the flat when she is home. It is definately not her fault, I have this thing where the more comfortable I become with a person the more bitchy I am. I really need to mediate and chill out.

Furthermore my job is getting me down, I don’t get any respect plus due to a contract mishap on their part I am unable to book the holidays I need that correspond with my dissertation hand in. Been looking for another job but no luck yet; I don’t want to leave until I have another job guaranteed.

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