I’m sorry, did my existence hurt your feminism?


This keeps on happening.

And because it’s so repetitive and so over-worked, I’m reluctant to even discuss what it is that keeps on occurring. But the whirlwind of rage that swirls within me each time I encounter an apologist statement presented under the guise of feminism keeps on a-swirlin’, and as such, I feel as though the only thing left for me to do, is to open my big fat mouth too.

So apparently, we’re in the midst of a ‘white women exploiting the bodies of black women for ‘lols’ and credibility’ epidemic. We know this. It has been done. I do not wish to give a comprehensive list of the reasons why the Miley’s, the Iggy’s and the Lily’s of the world are wrong for willingly complying with the commodification of black bodies…or for pleading ‘not a racist bone in my body syndrome’ when confronted about their complicity in…

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