World War One and other cultures

It is hard to believe that a hundred years today our ancestors were fighting for our freedom and because of them the world is as we know it now. It is also hard to believe how little people actually know about the World Wars.

I was recently shocked by a post on tumblr, where someone posted that the world wars were just white men killing white men and not actually ‘world’ wars. The truth is there was many different races and cultures that send their people to the war.

I do not know of any stories of my ancestors in World War One but my great- grandfather was a soldier in World War Two and was mostly situated in India, I remember when I was young my grandmother telling me how the soldiers in India were unaware the war was over for a months due to them being deep in the Jungles.

But what her and many people never told me in school was how much of a part other races and cultures played in the war and how badly Britain treated them during and afterwards. 

Below are some articles I have found about different races and cultures during World War One.






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