MA Creative Practice 1 – Poem workshop

For my first Creative Practice lesson on MA degree, we were taught by poet and writer Catriona Ryan who completed a writing experiment with us.

Our first exercise was to write with our left hand(as it is suppose to be your more creative side) with out thinking, something alike the Dada and Surrealist poetry movement of automatic writing. Below is the results of this exercise:

Time gathers and fucks with matter,

Tonight hedge grows,

Love suppresses life,

Comments become strained,

Together reunited as one,

Doom becomes all.

Weird coincidences are not,

Reality is blue,

Becoming whole is near,

Existence goes ever on,

Travelling through time,

Clowns may frighten,

But flowers still grow.

To you I am invisible,

It serves me well,

Tomorrow you may run.

The next exercise was to write down our own descriptive words or sentences to do with the moon, once finished we were asked to tear the words off the page and as a group through all our words on the floor. Using all the words we constructed sentences that still had relevance to the moon, below are my results:

Bright cavern,

Relaxing dipped movement,

High patterned space,

Cold sharp coin,

Open dark portal,

Allusive silver female,

Soundless dark man,

Rough oceans echo,

Alone sky female.

The last exercise was to make a poem out of both of the previous exercises, below is my result:

Time gathers and fucks with matter,

With open dark portals,

Weird coincidences, are not.

The allusive female,

The soundless dark man,

Love suppresses life,

Together united as one,

Becoming whole is near,

Doom becomes all.

To you I am invisible,

The rough oceans echo,

Tomorrow you may run,

Existence goes ever on,

Comments become strained.

Cold sharp coin,

High patterned space,

The alone sky female,

Reality is blue.

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