Winter 2016 (Part 1)




The beginning of 2016 has not been good in many ways, it seemed for at least January that how I ended 2015 was going to continue for a long while.

My maternal nan died on the 18th of January, four days after the anniversary of my paternal grandfathers death. I was not close to my nan, I grieved for a loss of a relationship that she couldn’t forge, for the relationship she never had with my mother.

I become very introspective during this time, my thoughts were on death, and the vultures that begin circling even before the body is burned.

I thought of how much I didn’t know about her; a piano player, and almost a music teacher, before getting married and having children and teaching her eldest to play.

I thought of how I started my life with five grandparents, (one being a great grandparent) and now I have one; the phrase save the best till last comes to mind.

My last living grandparent, my nan, is who I aspire to be. She has a gentle wisdom, never one to force knowledge on other people. She is a poet, she is religious but doesn’t like churches; she enjoys learning about history and mythology. She adores her family and doesn’t criticize them unless she thinks its harmful.

I started to think about my life and what it is I want, and who I want to be. So I completed lists of things that will help me along the path I wish to travel.

My 2016 Goal’s

Personal Goals

  • Read one book a month
  • Buy necessity’s only
  • Journal more
  • Improve myself
  • Stay organised and in control
  • Commit to religious practice
  • Draw daily
  • Write daily

Health Goals

  • Cook large vegan meals and freeze them
  • Have fruit and veg as snacks
  • 5 a day of fruit and veg
  • 4 pints of water a day
  • Walk dogs every day
  • Yoga every day

Education/ Work Goals

  • Focus on education
  • Schedule so many hours a day to it
  • Commit to YouTube channel and blog – regular updating/ planning
  • Volunteer more in gallery’s – Cardiff maybe

Friendship Goals

  • Be more present
  • Contact daily
  • Remember to comment on things they post
  • Organise regular meetings/ outings and follow through

Family Goals

  • Be more present
  • Contact daily
  • Organise regular meetings/outings and follow through

Finance Goals

  • Pay off overdraft
  • Stop spending on stuff you don’t need
  • Save to pay for PHD
  • Do 52 week money challenge


35 Things to do Before I am 35

  1. Finish Masters degree
  2. Go to Amsterdam
  3. Find a paying job in a art gallery
  4. Start a PHD degree
  5. Finish writing a book
  6. Except an art residency or job in another country
  7. Learn to play guitar and another instrument
  8. Create songs/ album of own music
  9. Travel through Europe
  10. Go to more festivals and concerts
  11. Learn to speak Welsh
  12. Explore Wales more
  13. Go to a book signing
  14. Go to Paris
  15. Keep saving money no matter what
  16. Enter a art competition where there is a entrance fee
  17. When you have enough money move into your own place
  18. Attend the summer solstice at Stonehenge
  19. Start cooking everything from scratch
  20. Start living  as a minimalist
  21. Go to Berlin
  22. Meet up with other Hellenic Polytheists
  23. Get planned tattoos
  24. Focus more on your photography
  25. Work out your mission
  26. Work out everyday – walking, yoga
  27. Read more non-fiction that is not for uni
  28. Go to Norway
  29. Do spoken word poetry
  30. Treat my parents more
  31. Go to another continent
  32. Camp more
  33. Be more spontaneous
  34. Get my motorbike license
  35.  Travel alone
  36. Keep practising your art and writing
  37. Do NaNoWriMo  

There is obviously two bonus goals on here but I have five and a half years to complete the list so included them; the list is in order of thought not necessarily in the order I will complete them.

Most are already being implemented, I will be finishing my Masters degree June 2017, going to Amsterdam, Paris and other country’s in February 2017; I am learning guitar now; constantly writing and starting art projects; saving money as much as I can so I can be spontaneous; and I am planning a holiday alone before my last year of university in sept 2016.



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