Winter 2016 Part two

The last month and a half of winter had me focusing on university work for my MA degree, researching for my essay and completing sketchbook work for the practical side.

I managed to see my friend a couple of times when she came to Swansea and when I travelled to Cardiff on the few hours I had spare where I wasn’t working in Elysium Gallery or Tesco’s.

I also managed to edit and upload a vlog about February and March which you can see below:




Winter was very introspective for me, I have become more serious about my religion because of it; deciding to share my religion in simple terms I filmed an introduction video about Hellenic Polytheism which will became a series on my YouTube channel and hopefully I will be writing about the topics mentioned in more detail on this blog. Which will help with the spelling of different Greek terms.




I think this will help me visualize my thoughts and feelings about my religion, and make my religious practice more effective for myself and the Gods I worship.

I personally believe that we have to learn from life and there is no bad or good things but lessons to be learnt; I believe that I have learned a lot from this winter, and that those lessons will follow me into Spring where time, rain, and sunshine will help me bring what I have learned into daily practice.

I hope everybody had a lovely Spring Equinox/ Ostara. How did you celebrate?

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