‘Being a Latebloomer’ Response post| Being the Turtle not the Hare

This post is inspired by Sarah Hawkinson’s video (below) that she put up last year, I have wanted to do a response for a while, but needed to correlate my thoughts.


I left school at seventeen with hardly any qualifications and hardly any friends. School wasn’t a pleasant experience for me, while I wasn’t bullied, my peers were too everything for me to handle. I didn’t know how to relate to the people who seemed light years ahead of me, who seemed emotionally stable and knew exactly what they wanted to do.

It took my six years to return to education, at twenty-two I went back to college (community college for Americans). As it was only at that time that I was emotionally ready to deal with the chore and stress.

Due to working a minimum wage job for two/ three years I finally learned the social skills that I should have learned long ago, I realised my thoughts and feelings were valid. This new confidence in myself helped choose a course that I knew I would enjoy, not necessarily earn a lot of money from, but that would make me happy.

Now at twenty – nine I am studying a (Postgraduate) Master’s Degree and know what I want to do, I have actively sorted work experience in the field I wish to work in.


Do I look like I am turning thirty this year?

I still sometimes think how far behind I am in comparison to my peers, but I then remind myself that this is my journey, there is no time-frame. I have to do things in my own time, when I am prepared to do them.

This acceptance is in part because of Sarah Hawkinson’s video

Reasons I think of myself as a late-bloomer| Reasons I am the turtle not the hare

  • I didn’t start my BA degree until I was twenty-five
  • My friends are all younger than me by about five years
  • I live at home with my parents – though I have lived on my own
  • Never felt normal, felt that I was moving at a slower pace
  • Will be thirty-one when I finish my MA degree
  • Late in discovering make-up and developing my own style
  • Didn’t have sex/ lost virginity until twenty-one (lied about this a lot due to the area in lived in)
  • Sucked my thumb until I was ten
  • Played make-believe until thirteen/ fourteen
  • Never have I had a adult romantic relationship

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