‘Personal Style’ Another Response Post

Lily Melrose a fashion blogger recently posted a video about how she never goes by the fashion yet still gets complimented on her looks, she did a run down of what to do to find your own personal style.


I have always had trouble with current fashion, either the new fashion didn’t suit me or being plus size won’t fit me. It is only in the last couple of years that I have developed my own personal style that doesn’t relay on fashion but what looks good on me and what I enjoy wearing.

This is me over two years ago when I started experimenting with my style, this has changed recently, due to me having a fringe cut back in (as you can see from the fourth image above). I have also been experimenting more with make up to find what suits me.

The first image above is after having my haircut short; I will go through the steps that Lily goes through in her video above and explain my personal style.


I tend to look through Tumblr and YouTube for inspiration for my style though I do like to watch high fashion catwalks and reading magazines like Vogue, some of the blogs I look at are below:





















I experiment with my style a lot, especially my special occasion style. I tend to go for the sleek look; silk camisoles, skinny jeans or trousers, formfitting dresses and skirts, with a bit of me thrown in.


Documenting my outfits is something I am getting used to, I tend to forget to do it when I am dressed up. Hence the casual examples of outfits above.


My day style is comfy, black, rocker, hippy, with ascent colours and prints. While my night/event style is sleek, vampish, rocker, punk, or/and sophisticated with attitude.

Think about it

I think about my style a lot especially as it is always evolving, due to age, and events and engagements. My favourite thing to do is look through catalogues and see what will match/ go with clothes that I already own.


I am confident with my style as I make sure any piece I buy flatters my shape, and that it fits in with everything else I own and know looks good on me, can make new outfits or add to an existing one.

I hope you have enjoyed this look into my style and Lily’s video. What is your style? Comment below.



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