Why do I Bulletjournal?


I am one of those people who could never keep up with journals and diaries, and last a couple of days at most before forgetting to write about my day; to be honest when I thought about trying the bullet-journal system I was sure it would go the same way as every other journal and diary I had started over the years.



I quickly began making use of collections within the bullet-journal system that helped me visualize my goals for the year and life.



I began using the note symbol to symbolize journal entry’s when needed.






I tried different versions of the calender but the original version is the one that came to work best for me.



As you can see my collections grew and suddenly I had numerous collections about different things; I did not realise until looking back how many idea’s and/or opinions I had about certain topics.


It has been four months since I started my first bullet-journal, I have enjoyed it so much I have adapted the system for a religious bullet-journal.

I am currently on page 210 of 248 so believe that May 2016 will be the last month included in my first bullet- journal. I believe having a system I enjoy using has changed my life for the better, I am more organised of course, but more importantly I am more in tune with my likes, dislikes, goals, and who I am as a person.

Do you bullet-journal? If so comment on your experience with this system.

All the best,


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