What I Learned From University


I didn’t go to university until I was twenty-five, due to low self-confidence, no idea what I wanted to do, and no qualifications. I went back to college (community college is the equivalent I believe in America) at twenty-three after three years of working a minimum wage job as a cleaner.

During those years working I gained self-confidence and explored different careers and hobbies, before deciding on a Art and Design course.

Even though I learned to trust in myself and explore the world around me due to working in the “real” world, it was university where I learned life skills. Due to being on the same course as people from around Europe, my social skills improved considerably, especially when realising my accent was difficult to decipher. I learned to soften my accent and speak professionally.

Due to the nature of my course we were taught philosophy as well as art history, leading me to learn about myself and what I believe in about the world and religion.

Being taught by tutors who are practising artists led me to knowing what sort of path I would like my artistic career to go down, and where my art practice might go.

What I am trying to say here is that I learned a hell of a lot more than fine art when I went to university how about you?


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