Review: Shadow Hunters Season 1, Episode One

Disclaimer: These are all my own views. I do not own Shadowhunters or Mortal Instruments

The Mortal Instruments and books similar are the YA equivalent of Mills and Boon, cheesy non realistic romances set in a paranormal world (Mills and Boon have a paranormal section) where the main characters have to leap through some loops, fight some bad guys before finally getting their true love.

It is classic fairy tales mixed with contemporary society, and it is as addictive as crack; bad for your (mental) health, skews your view on society due to the sexist commentary;  makes you feel deficient somehow because you don’t want a sexual partner (maybe that’s just me) seeing as having a significant other is the true trophy of success and  happiness in books like these and most of society sadly.

Here’s the thing with books like these they are easy reads, you don’t have to think too much. The plot is easy to decipher and the characters problems are dramatised to the point that it is amusing rather than upsetting to watch, a lot like TV Soap Operas, they are never going to win an Oscar but they are entertaining none the less.

Adapting a book to screen is always going to be risky, the risk did not pay off with the film; it is my true believe that books should always be adapted for TV, and when done right a director can turn a not so great book in to a masterpiece.

While watching the first episode of Shadow Hunters I had my tablet on my lap ready to take notes and here they are:

  • The actors looks are more on par to the books
  • They act more professional, like the trained soldiers they are.
  • Different met up of Jace and Clary works better
  •  The soundtrack is kick ass
  • I liked how they featured Clary’s normal artistic talent
  • Simon is hipster nerdy which fits into today’s idea of the nerd
  • The powers of various characters are focused and shown more
  • Jocelyn (Clary’s mother) is not as beautiful as the books
  • How they dyed Katherine McNamara’s (Clary’s) hair is so bad, it looks too fake plus it does not match her mothers which wouldn’t be a problem except they said it did in the first 10 minutes
  • How they show the back story is great
  • The Church is more hi- tech
  • Clary is more forthright straight away with Jace
  • They have more technique and ruthlessness in their fighting styles
  • Jocelyn shows her powers and intelligence sooner
  • The sexual tension between Jace and Clary is high
  • They really play up the fact that humans can’t see them unless they chose to (Jace’s invisibility Rune)
  • Valentine is a lot more normal looking and a lot more creepy

In conclusion I think they did really well on the majority of the casting, and the sets were researched  and finalised to perfection, they adapted some of the scenes but that only made the plot stronger. They used just enough suspense to keep you guessing and wanting to watch the next episode


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