30 Things I Have Learned At 30

I am thirty years old today, whoop!

So to celebrate I thought I would share the 30 must important (to me) philosophical lessons I have learnt.tumblr_o5djyqJg9F1qa1z99o2_1280

  1. Not everyone is going to like you
  2. You are not going to like everyone
  3. You don’t have to be all of one thing
  4. It’s OK to let yourself feel
  5. You are not always right
  6. It is OK not to like your parents personality’s/characters
  7. Being you is the best you, you can be
  8. It is OK not to want a sexual partner
  9. It does not make you less of anything because you took your time growing up
  10. What people think of you says more about them than you
  11. Find your passion and work at it
  12. Do the best you can in everything
  13. You can respect someone without liking them
  14. The Gods are always testing you
  15. You choose your family
  16. Sometimes you have to do scary things to be true to yourself
  17. Being ugly and strange is a lot worse than being pretty and strange
  18. It is OK to change your style daily and chose when to wear make-up
  19. It is OK to be living at home
  20. Having small manageable goals is better
  21. Always have faith in the Gods
  22. It is OK to keep parts of you back and not expose everything
  23. You can forgive yourself for your wrongdoings, as long as you learned from it
  24. It is OK to be emotionally neutral about some people
  25. It is OK not to earn that much
  26. Finding your style does not necessarily mean following trends
  27.  Being better alone is not weird
  28. Animals/ pets are the best things in the world
  29. Always keep learning
  30. Do whats best for you not others



I know some of these maybe generic, but this is a list of the most important things I learned and accepted about myself and the world surrounding me.


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