What Collections Do I Keep In My Bullet-journal?


As you may know from a previous bullet-journal post I started my first bujo in the beginning of the year and am currently on my second, mine tend to last about four months in total.

I wanted to share with you today the collections that I transferred into my new bullet-journal, that were too convenient to leave behind.

Books to read in 2016


Pretty self explanatory, mostly books that I wouldn’t have known about if it wasn’t for YouTube(booktube)

TV Programmes to Watch


The pink signifies the episodes I have watched, as I watch TV so rarely that it is hard to keep track.

Films to watch in 2016


MA Loan Tracker


A simple way for me to track how much I have paid back for the cost of my MA degree.

Music Albums I want to buy


Which is not the same as music I want to listen to, as wanting to own an album means to me there is something special about it that you want to cherish and keep forever

Tattoo and Piercing Plans/ Ideas


Just what plans I have for body modification etc

Blogs I Enjoy and Classical Myth Books To Own



The myth books I want to own for research etc and the blogs I am always waiting for more on because they are such a joy to read


U.K Worshippers of H.P


The British worshippers of Hellenic Polytheism

Books for Creative Writing


As I might be doing a MA in Creative Writing after I finish the one I am currently studying in Fine Art.

These are all the current collections I keep in my bullet journal, I hope you enjoyed.

All the best,


P.S comment on what collections you keep in your bullet Journal?


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