Bedroom and Studio Make Over

I am currently  re-decorating my bedroom and studio. I am getting rid of a lot of stuff from my bedroom and making it more minimalist, while I am making my studio more user friendly so I can actually find certain art supplies.

My bedroom is the box room and so I am looking for space saving options. Last week I demolished my old fixed wardrobe and bought the clothing racks below from Ikea, this means I can move my bedroom furniture around more freely rather than around the wardrobe.


I am also changing my bed, at the moment I have a double bed, but I am buying a daybed that has three draws underneath and pulls out into a double bed.

I am changing my old wooden floor to black tiles and I already have a red large Indian carpet that covers 3/4 of the floor, my walls were all painted magnolia the other month and one of my walls above the radiator has five shelves on for my books etc.

On the opposite wall where my bed will be I am going to paint the wall ochre/yellow to give a splash of colour.


For my studio I am getting some more storage units to put art equipment in and to store prints.


I hope you enjoyed this look into my decorating plans

All the best,


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