Podcasts I am listening too

I have only started listening to podcasts, (where have I been right?) mainly because I am allowed to listen to my iPod in work and I don’t want to get bored with the music on there and spend a fortune on fifty new albums (I exaggerate but you get the point).

So today I am going to share the podcasts that I am currently listening to and I am learning something from, because well sharing is caring right?

In no particular order: (This is in no way the complete list of podcasts that I am subscribed too)


A content coach and creative mentor, and I help purpose-driven creatives make things happen in their creative work and life on their own terms, in their own way, and by their own rules

As everyone needs some help and direction in their creative lives


As the title suggests, this podcast is about two females going vegan and their journey and mistakes which are honestly discussed.

As a vegan I love that I can relate to this and the mistakes they make as nobody is perfect.



Here you will find conversations with brilliant interesting guests who all have very unique stories to tell. My book (Ctrl Alt Delete, published by Ebury) tells my story of growing up online and now I want to ask other people to share their stories. At the heart of every conversation will be how the Internet and social media has changed our lives forever – and the lessons we’ve learned along the way. Plug yourself in and listen to some inspiring conversations about friendship, feminism, #girlbosses, life, blogging, writing, books and more.

This podcast is about being one of the first generations to socialise and have a life on the internet. Considering I was about nine when everybody started having internet in their house because of windows 95 I relate a lot to the premise of this podcast

Banging Book Club is a book club created by three YouTuber’s where every book is about sex and gender.

As a feminist I am an advocate for gender equality and love reading things on these topics, and listening to others opinion on these topics is incredibly interested. (More diversity would be nice though)


Another YouTuber podcast where they explore topics normally left out of polite conversation.


I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any podcast recommendations please comment.

All the best,


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