My favourite city breaks.

Sometimes you just need a short break to soak up a new culture and discover a new place.

I try to escape at least once a year, in fact my savings are intended for this purpose, whether with friends or family, I always find time to explore alone.

My favourite places so far have been Venice and Amsterdam.



As an artist I am drawn to cities with a great art scene and Amsterdam has one of the best.


Amsterdam is a canal city, which means you can catch a boat rather than a bus to get somewhere cheaply


The sculptures representing Greek/Roman mythology on the older buildings, made the Hellenic polytheist and myth nerd inside me very happy.


The history of cities like this is felt with every step you take.



Venice has an old elegance enhanced by the marble bridges and walk ways.


The ‘streets go from small passageways to large squares in seconds; the city is small enough that you can work from one side to the other in one to two hours.


The canals are a big attraction of course, there are no cars here expect at the port as the streets are too narrow so all transport is boats or walkingDSCF1884DSCF1896

The squares are where the churches etc are and where you will find gems like the above zodiac clock.

These cities represent the past and the present simultaneously, they are also cities you can enjoy alone or with any number of people, there is always something to see or do which is why I love them

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