Disclaimer: I am vegan and have been for the last six years

I accidentally saw a wolf being skinned alive on a vegan activists Instagram story the other week, and as the wolf was crying and struggling to get away I was crying in disgust and anger at the humans who held him down, who showed no emotion.

The after effect of watching that video was me contemplating about why I am vegan, why did I change my life around six years ago to transition to eating, wearing, and using no animal products at all.

At the time I used the excuse of wanting to lose weight and that I was challenging myself to see if I could do it when family and friends questioned my decision, because sadly in today’s society that is easier for people to understand. The truth is that I love this world, animals, and yes other humans so much that I don’t want to contribute to the destruction of the planet that we all live on, I don’t want to cause anyone pain and murder any animal just because it is easier and more convenient for me.

It is strange and baffling to me that considering that one of the signs of a disturbed human is that she/he will kill animals with no remorse, (indicating that the human doing the animal killing lacks empathy and has a mental disorder) nations and countries pay members of the populace to do this exact thing, celebrate the end result and claim that it is normal. Yet society expects the humans doing the killing not to be affected, the workers of slaughterhouses must be disturbed by what they witness or if not they have developed a progressive lack of empathy as they have ‘got used to’ continually seeing animals die/ killing animals in quite brutal ways.

The thing is I cannot see one good thing about using animals the way we do in today’s society, even most religions have cults or secular branches that hold the view that it is sacrilege to eat the meat of an animal:

At the end of the day, veganism is a moral issue that humans have argued over for millenniums but the reason that so many people are turning vegan now is that they are horrified about the amount of cruelty, destruction, and waste the meat business is producing due to a consumer society.

We are supposed to look after the other animals of the world not cause them pain and murder them on mass so our lives are easier.

The thing is being vegan is so easy these days (especially in U.K) there are replacements for everything you are giving up by going vegan:

I am not rich in fact I work a minimum wage job, yet I still find U.K vegan food cheap to buy.

I have traveled as a Vegan, and not always too big cities if there are no alternatives there is always fruit and vegetables to eat and water to drink.

None of my friends or family are vegan this means when celebrating or going for lunch I have to check whats available to me, but 99% of restaurants are willing to change existing meals if there are no vegan meals available. The same with takeaways, it just means asking for no meat, eggs, or dairy.

I do not understand how people can be happy eating and enjoying something that is made from so much suffering and pain but gets up in arms about human suffering and still claim to love animals.

Call me a hippy but . . .

I just don’t want my enjoyment and life to be the cause of anything being in pain and suffering to such a high degree.

This is why I am vegan.

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