Today’s to-do list

Listen to the interview videos and write up articles. Look up beginners yoga. Write up about exhibition in sketchbook. Move my bedroom furniture around to create a reading space.

Upcoming Exhibition

I have an collaborative exhibition coming soon (11/08/2014) working around the theme of space. As individual artists we have all made work on what we see space as, rather than working on the same meaning.Artist StatementPayne’s concept revolves around the concept of bodily space and the personal connotations connected to the theory’s she will be …

A.K.A Life drawing sessions

My collective and I began our life drawing sessions yesterday, sadly the good weather worked against us, and only a couple of people attended. That meant we had more control over the poses though, and were able to have full use of the materials provided. So all and all a really good afternoon.

A.K.A Exhibition “Personal Unconscious”

My work alongside the collective i am involved in 🙂

AKA Artist Collective





Personal Unconscious;

The personal unconscious is located at the fringe of consciousness, between two worlds.

“the exterior or special world and the interior or psychic objective world” (Ellenberger, 707)

An art Collectives journey of a personal unconscious; dealing with notions of Fate, Chance and the unconscious mind, stitched together with the thread of occultism. Amy Dewar, Kelly Payne and Amy Bulpin seek to explore a deeper spiritual reality that extends beyond pure reason and the physical sciences via the act of a “tarot reading” of sorts.

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Due to being a woman who is glaringly obviously into piercings and tattoos, family members have felt the need to comment about what I have done to my body. Lucky for me my main parent* is really supportive about me finding my own identity and calmly said to me when I came home with a …

I’m sorry, did my existence hurt your feminism?


This keeps on happening.

And because it’s so repetitive and so over-worked, I’m reluctant to even discuss what it is that keeps on occurring. But the whirlwind of rage that swirls within me each time I encounter an apologist statement presented under the guise of feminism keeps on a-swirlin’, and as such, I feel as though the only thing left for me to do, is to open my big fat mouth too.

So apparently, we’re in the midst of a ‘white women exploiting the bodies of black women for ‘lols’ and credibility’ epidemic. We know this. It has been done. I do not wish to give a comprehensive list of the reasons why the Miley’s, the Iggy’s and the Lily’s of the world are wrong for willingly complying with the commodification of black bodies…or for pleading ‘not a racist bone in my body syndrome’ when confronted about their complicity in…

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‘American Horror Story’ Finally Perfects Its Twisted Brand of Feminism in ‘Coven’


Subtlety isn’t just out of American Horror Story‘s wheelhouse; it’s anathema to the show, the literal antithesis of the shameless camp that treats Jessica Lange snorting coke to “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” like just another day in the neighborhood. Part of the fun of watching AHS‘s 13-episode cycles unfold has been the way it wields tropes of gore and body horror like a sledgehammer — then takes that sledgehammer to social issues like disability, race, and, most prominently, gender. Historically, that questionably good-faith effort at blending shock value with social criticism has had mixed results at best. But unlike the series’ first two iterations, Murder House and Asylum, Coven has finally figured out a way to incorporate feminism convincingly into the DNA of American Horror Story. 

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My world seems to rapidly become disastrous at the same precise moment. University this year is harder than I originally thought it would be (considering I thought it would kick me in the ass shows you how hard it actually is). The effect of this has caused me to quit my job volunteering at a …

Getting your foot in the door of the art world.

While volunteering seems like a hassle some days it comes with great rewards especially in the art world. Volunteering in a gallery gets you in the door of what can be a close -knit group of local artists, that is difficult for outsiders to break through. Being taught in university by practising artists who are …

What is your favourite fiction quote and/or book?

AKA Artist Collective

What is your favourite fiction quote and/or book?

One of our artists need your help for a art project, she needs people to answer the question, ‘What is your favourite book or/and Literary quote?’ on the link above or on here.

Your quotes or/and favourite book name will be featured on an individual leave on a tree sculpture she is making that is made out of paper, cardboard, old books, newspapers etc

She would really appreciate the help and will photograph each leaf for everyone to see their submission on the finished product.

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