My Shop Is Open!

Yes, my shop is finally set up, please click on this link (ArtistKMP) to visit, favourite, and hopefully buy some photography prints. University is finally over for me (I am now the proud owner of a Master's degree)  not forever but for a while. I am taking a year out of formal education after being... Continue Reading →

Favourite Artists Part One

My favourite artists in no particular order. Salvador Dali Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory. 1931 Gustav Klimt Gustav Klimt, Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer I.  1907 Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci, Study of Horse. 1492 Ana Mendieta Ana Mendieta, Silueta series  Georgia O'Keefe Georgia O'Keefe, Flower of Life II. 1925 Jenny Saville Jenny Saville, Reverse.... Continue Reading →

My Artwork…

...As of the second year of my MA degree in Fine Art My concepts revolve around mythology, phenomenology, nature and text and have since my BA degree. In February this year a family member died, this started me thinking about death and what I want to happen to my body. I also began researching death... Continue Reading →

What I Learned From University

I didn't go to university until I was twenty-five, due to low self-confidence, no idea what I wanted to do, and no qualifications. I went back to college (community college is the equivalent I believe in America) at twenty-three after three years of working a minimum wage job as a cleaner. During those years working... Continue Reading →

2015 Review

  Two- thousand-and-fifteen was a year where I learned a lot about myself. I learned who I want to be and it is not a carbon copy of someone else; low self confidence and social anxiety for nearly all my life lead to the belief that I could never be valued for my self, so... Continue Reading →

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