35 things to do by 35: update

If you pay attention you might have realized that one of the collections I showed you in a bullet-journal post (here or here) was a 35 things to do by 35.   Did I accomplish anything from this list this year? Yes I tried NaNoWriMo for the first time this year, I managed to write over … Continue reading 35 things to do by 35: update

Half Way Through…

But still a long way to go. I have just finished my second year of my MA degree (I am doing it part-time) and I am thinking about the future. I went to a PHD info lecture and realised I wouldn't be able to afford to do a PHD for at least another couple of … Continue reading Half Way Through…

Why do I Bulletjournal?

I am one of those people who could never keep up with journals and diaries, and last a couple of days at most before forgetting to write about my day; to be honest when I thought about trying the bullet-journal system I was sure it would go the same way as every other journal and … Continue reading Why do I Bulletjournal?

‘Being a Latebloomer’ Response post| Being the Turtle not the Hare

This post is inspired by Sarah Hawkinson's video (below) that she put up last year, I have wanted to do a response for a while, but needed to correlate my thoughts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzfenvAc_qk&nohtml5=False   I left school at seventeen with hardly any qualifications and hardly any friends. School wasn't a pleasant experience for me, while I … Continue reading ‘Being a Latebloomer’ Response post| Being the Turtle not the Hare

Hellenic Polytheism and Me

Disclaimer: I am still new to this religion, so some-things may be wrong. I am open to constructive criticism so please message me.   I made a video the other day on my YouTube channel about the  terms and a simple overview of what Hellenic Polytheism is, which you can watch below if you have … Continue reading Hellenic Polytheism and Me