If you like found poetry, you can take it one step further and create a collage with it. A few days ago, I used raw-art techniques for found poetry. Today, I’m using a different method. It’s the journaling version of NaNoWriMo –National Novel Writing Month.

While the “rules” of found poetry say you underline the words, then copy them, I like the idea of cutting out the words and pasting them down. This can get a little tricky if you are using catalogs or magazines. It gives it a visual and textural feel, as well as a heightened realism in the cut-out words.

Here is my most recent venture into found-poetry journaling, a two-page piece, including cut-out. Directions are below the photos. Words of the poem:


In a seaside town
two minutes from the beach,
you grow up with nothing–
Winters hold razor-sharp edges.
Pearl moon makes the most…

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'A manifesto is a written public declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government. It often is political in nature, but may present an individual's life stance.' In my Visual Studies lecture today we had to present our personal manifesto's i found it interesting how different everyone's was and how people presented/wrote was very interesting. …

My space in the studio at the moment, the Slender man and Freddie is something one of my classmates painted last year, they used the same boards this year to seperate the spaces. I will be keeping them both until Halloween, afterwards I will paint over it and do a mural in its place. I …

Trish Bee's Art-Venture

Ive been wanting to start an artists sketchbook or art journal for some time now and have been putting it off. Come August 1st I decided I wasnt going to put it off anymore and that I was going to actually START doing my art journal  instead of just thinking about it!

So here goes….

Seeing as Im setting myself a personal challenge Ive decided to drag members of my Art Ventures Group into having a go too!! Maybe blog readers might like to join in too?

Just incase I’ll share my notes which Ive made about this challenge incase any blog readers or anyone for that matter fancies it too…if you decide to play along why not leave me a comment and post the url to your sketchbook pages!?

Getting A Blank Journal Or Sketchbook:

First of all you need a good sturdy blank artist sketchbook any size you…

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This is great help for someone who has trouble starting a art/visual journal 🙂 thank you for putting it up here

The Sprightly Writer

Layer 1 – I always use gesso to prime the pages.

Layer 2 – Artfully arrange and adhere ephemera (scrapbooking papers, ticket stubs, stickers, postcards) with glue.  I used artist’s gel medium to glue the paper down and then spread a layer of medium over the top.

Layer 3 –  I added another light layer of gesso over the papers to mute the colors and because my gel medium has a gloss to it and I wouldn’t be able to write on the paper if it was glossy.


Layer 4 – I selected three watercolor paints and painted a ‘wet on wet’ technique, which is to say, I put water down on the paper and then spread a layer of my chosen watercolor over it.  This helps to create interesting effects as well as soften brush marks.

I also wrote on the post card and added a postage stamp and…

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I feel a bit weird about my life right now, nothing's wrong I just feel like something is gonna happen. University is great and keeping me busy and my social life is quite busy at the moment, maybe that's why I feel weird. As I haven't had time to reflect I'm emotionally going through the …

First Post

First post here on WordPress, I'm hoping to be able to describe everything that happens to me on here, hence the reason its anonymous. I have had problems being happy lately, even though for the first time in my life I have goals and I am heading somewhere. I am at the end of my …