MA Creative Practice 1- ‘Pecha Kucha’ Thought Experiment

For my second Creative Practice lesson we started a 'Thought Experiment' which is based on the Pecha Kucha presentation style. Using the book '101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Everyday Life,' by Roger-Pol Droit our tutor selected random experiments and placed them in plain brown and white envelopes with the title 'thought experiment' placed on... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Exhibition

I have an collaborative exhibition coming soon (11/08/2014) working around the theme of space. As individual artists we have all made work on what we see space as, rather than working on the same meaning.Artist StatementPayne’s concept revolves around the concept of bodily space and the personal connotations connected to the theory’s she will be... Continue Reading →

A.K.A Life drawing sessions

My collective and I began our life drawing sessions yesterday, sadly the good weather worked against us, and only a couple of people attended. That meant we had more control over the poses though, and were able to have full use of the materials provided. So all and all a really good afternoon.

Tuesday 10th June 2014

Went to the second years and first year exhibition Friday, brilliant work, very eclectic. Left me feeling quite sad, I think it has hit me that my degree is over and done.Went to the Elysium studios on Mansel Street afterwards for their second year anniversary, where we were able to look at the different artists... Continue Reading →

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