My Shop Is Open!

Yes, my shop is finally set up, please click on this link (ArtistKMP) to visit, favourite, and hopefully buy some photography prints. University is finally over for me (I am now the proud owner of a Master's degree)  not forever but for a while. I am taking a year out of formal education after being... Continue Reading →

Becoming the Rabbit…

My life has moved full pace the last couple of weeks, meaning that I have had no time to process anything. This is detrimental; due to needing to process everything and think deeply about the pros and cons of every situation, not having that time means I don't know if I am making the right... Continue Reading →

2015 Review

  Two- thousand-and-fifteen was a year where I learned a lot about myself. I learned who I want to be and it is not a carbon copy of someone else; low self confidence and social anxiety for nearly all my life lead to the belief that I could never be valued for my self, so... Continue Reading →

YouTube Channel

I have just started a YouTube channel  where I plan to talk about my art, writing, poetry, being a Hellenic polytheist, being a vegan, fashion, tattoos and piercings; basically everything I am interested in. There is only one video up on there now about my art practice but I plan to upload a video every week... Continue Reading →

Due to being a woman who is glaringly obviously into piercings and tattoos, family members have felt the need to comment about what I have done to my body. Lucky for me my main parent* is really supportive about me finding my own identity and calmly said to me when I came home with a... Continue Reading →

Woe of a Writer

There's madness in my head and heart, These characters shouting to be heard, I do what they say, And write their tales, But another ten thousand spring up in their place.   It’s hard to concentrate on the now, When your soul is somewhere far away, In a land far better than this, Where everything... Continue Reading →

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