YouTube Channel

I have just started a YouTube channel  where I plan to talk about my art, writing, poetry, being a Hellenic polytheist, being a vegan, fashion, tattoos and piercings; basically everything I am interested in. There is only one video up on there now about my art practice but I plan to upload a video every week … Continue reading YouTube Channel

Art and Life by George Sterling

The children of the flesh of men, They pass from night to night; They weep and laugh and labor, then Are lost to human sight. Musing on such a fate, the mind Stirs with a tragic sense- So brave they walk the stage assigned, So soon they hurry thence. The children of the artist's brain … Continue reading Art and Life by George Sterling

Woe of a Writer

There's madness in my head and heart, These characters shouting to be heard, I do what they say, And write their tales, But another ten thousand spring up in their place.   It’s hard to concentrate on the now, When your soul is somewhere far away, In a land far better than this, Where everything … Continue reading Woe of a Writer